Company Profile

  • Professionalism
We are expert in the field. Each person is well trained with our on going training system and we make sure the well qualified person to serve our clients.

  • Excellence
We always deliver first class and exceptional quality service to our clients so that we deliver what is more that expected from our service.


  • Communication
We communicate and interact well with all level of people in the corporate. We acknowledge what is being said and take responsibility on the responses of our communication. We honour our words with our action.


  • Integrity
GL CHONG & CO Consultants are trained to conduct business with fairness and integrity. Our advertising information is truthful and reasonably describes the qualities of services offered, free of misleading statements or inferences.

  • Confidentiality
Our contract truly conveys the services we provide and the fees we charge to our clients.


  • Constant Update
GL CHONG & CO consultants receive continuing input on price trends and developments in cost reduction and are up to date on the service we offer.

  • Education
We will constantly learn and grow so that our client will continuously grow with us.

  • Client Satisfaction
We will promptly investigate any complaint and will help to secure the adjustment that is appropriate.


  • Success
We always focus on the successful outcome in whatever we do. We are willing to win and allow others to win in fact our fees structure is structure as such that 'you win I win' concept.

  • Commitment
We are committed to the success of our company and we will give our 100% to achieve our client's objective in all of our services provided.


  • Gratitude
We acknowledge and show appreciation often and in many ways to everyone who have supported and helped us to achieving our goals.